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El Oso = ‘Bear’ in Spanish

At Oso Operations, our founder Brandon Watkins has transformed his passions and abilities into actionable, effective systems, and products.

The Brown Bear, which is Brandon’s self proclaimed ‘spirit animal’, is not just an animal he used as a theme for his company, but is also present in other aspects of his personal life. 

Driven by values such as hard work, determination, focus, and service, our founder has built a solid foundation for our company’s beliefs. These values keep us grounded and serve as the cornerstone of our business.

We invite you to step in to The Oso Den and discover a world of possibilities.

We are driven by values

Sourcing, Development, Production…Hiring, Training, Promotion. From start to finish, we do everything right. We treat our resources right, we treat our employees right, and we treat our client base right. Overall, we just treat everyone right- because that’s the best way to handle business!

African American / Army Veteran Owned Business