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“Its not a dream, Its a challenge.”


Brilliant ideas turn into plans, like seeds turn into plants-when given proper fostering and time to grow. 

We at Oso hold this to be true- that is why we work with professionals across a variety of fields to spark ideas, cultivate new products, and craft quality systems. All of this and more in order to bring new products & systems to reality. 


Oso Operations believes in producing with the purpose of longevity! That is why we place exceptional value & care on production and materials sourcing.

 Oso is also proud to state that all company production facilities are based in the United States, with 100% of products Made in America! 



Staying connected in our local communities is a consistent goal of Oso Operations. 

Maintaining and growing relationships with entities & groups that bring awareness, funding, and manpower to the underserved populace.

Organizational Partnerships, Community Engagement Events, and Sponsorships!

We are driven by values

Learn how the founder of Oso Operations– Brandon Watkins, implemented his core values to the foundation of this company.

Let’s work together
to create our dreams

To inquire about organizational partnerships, corporate sponsorships, or reach out about regional volunteer opportunities, click below.